Stunning Motorcycle Armour based on the Batman: Arkham Knight batsuit

We have previously seen a motorcycle suit based on the armour from The Dark Knight, but this is just magnificent.

Based on the Batsuit from the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight, all this beast of a replica is missing is a cape and cowl. We’re pretty sure that most consumers would be happy to make their own, however, considering how fantastic this ready-made cosplayers dream looks.

The downside is that this thing is not cheap; you’re looking at $1829.00 for the whole thing.

Preorders are open from: Oct 10th – Nov 3rd and the retail date is pegged at sometime in Q1 2015.

Check out the full rundown of features below:

Black Carbon Fiber Armor Sections in both Jacket and Pants.
Strong edge seaming for all visible and hidden stitch work.
Removable front armored chest piece.
Form Molded Leather detailing in all areas of Jacket, Pants, Boots and Utility Pouch.
Jacket Sleeves feature Adjustable and Removable Leather Gauntlets.
Metallic Silver, Metallic Grey and Midnight Black Leather.
3D Silicone Raised Hexagon Printing.
Jacket and Pants zip together in waistline.
Anti Skid Kevlar in glove palms.
Removable CE Approved Body Armor in forearms/elbow, shoulder and back spine protector.
Highly detailed, removable lightweight interior lining.
Made from Grade A Cow Hide.
Quality high-end accessories.

Whilst the site says that there is only Northern American territory shipping available, I think it’d be awfully kind of them to ship just one suit to the UK for…review purposes.


Source: UD ReplicasIMG_9359.JPG



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