SDCC ’18 Highlights Part 3: The World of DC Trailers, Wonder Woman 84 Footage Shown, DCTV Trailers, and more

With Marvel, and what felt like a lot of other studios, taking SDCC off, it was all on Warner Brothers to entertain. Though there were no surprises, I feel they came through with some fantastic trailers.

Apparently, WB rebranded their movie universe as The World of DC. But I’ve yet to find the announcment anywhere outside of a couple Twitter posts. So, I’ll stick with DCEU and chalk it up to a misunderstanding because that is awful.

Shazam! and Aquaman both got trailers as expected, and they looked great. You can read about both in their respective articles. And it was just an overall more cheerful day compared to yesterday. A solid showing for WB who had to carry the convention in their backs.

Wonder Woman 84 Footage:

Director Patty Jenkins and the cast for Wonder Woman 84 have only started production of the more which is due out November 1, 2019. But they were able to show a small clip of Diana taking saving a mall from an attack. The scene is described as very 80s and Wonder Woman’s costume was much more brighter than in her first movie.

Also, Read:

Sadly, they did not release this footage.

DCTV On The CW New Season Trailers:

A trailer for every new season from an upcoming CW superhero show was released. Some look pretty interesting. Do yourself a favor and watch Black Lightning if you haven’t already. The writing is a cut above the rest. Supergirl is getting the Legion of Superheroes, Green Arrow is in big trouble, and the Flash has um… a new Wells? They’re having a tough go of it on that show but I’ll stick by it. And then there’s that show I don’t watch, but it will have Constantine this season so I’ll power through it. If you are interested to watch the latest superhero movies then click here.

Arrow Trailer

The Flash Trailer

Supergirl Trailer

Black Lightning Trailer

Legends of Tomorrow Trailer

DC Comics Teases Upcoming Issues:

Here are two little teases from today that have me very interested.

The first is the cover of Mister Miracle #11, which is the second to last issue of the series. It features Darkseid’s hand being held by the son of Mister Miracle and Big Barda. If you’re reading this amazing series, it’s an intense cover.

Second is a look at confessional style panels for the upcoming Heroes in Crisis event. As Aquaman would say: I dig it.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters Trailer

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Trailer

Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Warner Brothers released a new trailer for the Lego Movie sequel that featured a new character and more Lego Batman. Unfortunately it’s one of the few trailers that didn’t get released to the public but JoBlo has us covered:

Marvel Comics Tidbits:

Writer Chelsea Cain is returning to Marvel to do a Vision six issue mini-series. Ignoring the inevitable manbaby hate she will get for simply being herself, she has big shoes to fill following Tom King’s fantastic run with the character.

Marvel announced new titles for their Digital Originals comics. They had previously revealed Jessica Jones only, but she will be joined by Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daughters of the Dragon.

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