SDCC ’18 Highlights Part 1: Joaquin Phoenix is Joker, DC Universe App Price, Green Lantern & Aquaman New Creative Teams

Arkhamverse is back to collect all tidbits coming out of SDCC 2018 that you might find interesting. We will be posting these at the end of each day unless it is something big like the Titans trailer, which gets its own post. If we miss anything feel free to give us a heads up.

Joker Origin Movie Confirmed:

This news we got in pieces just prior to Comic Con starting, but we will go ahead and add it with the rest.

Warner Brothers officially announced “Joker,” an origin film about the clown prince of crime, is due out October 4, 2019. The film will star Joaquin Phoenix as the titular character. It will be directed by Todd Phillips(The Hangover), which he will co write with Scott Silver.

According to Variety, the movie will take place in the 80s and be a gritty drama. THR reports that Zazie Beetz(Deadpool 2) is in talks to play a single mother that catches the eye of the man who will become The Joker. Also, a while back RTF reported that Robert De Niro might be joining the film.

The film has a budget of around 55 million, so WB is definitely trying something different here. I’m not totally sold on the fact that we need this, but I’m somewhat warming up to it. I’m less worried that people will be confused with there being multiple Jokers and more concerned over the fact that we will be getting nothing but Batman related characters. So far that’s all that’s being announced.

DC Universe Details:

Plenty of details have been released about the DC Universe streaming service. First things first, go watch the trailer for Titans because it’s a divisive one. Now that you’ve been immersed into the dark gritty world of Titans – “fudge Batman!” Anyway, the show will be out on the service this fall.

It is set to cost you 7.99 a month, and 74.99 a year. If you pre-order the annual subscription you get three months free added on. Unfortunately for a lot of you on this site, it is currently US only. Though I can’t imagine that restriction lasting long if the app succeeds.

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Titans will be joined by other new shows such as: Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, and the Young Justice and Harley Quinn cartoons. A live action Stargirl was also announced today, which will be written and produced by Geoff Johns. The character is inspired by his late sister, so it’s cool to see him develop a show based off of it.

Here’s our first look at how we will read comics via the DCU app courtesy of Twitter user @AndrewBatReview:

DC Comics Announcements:

DC had a bit day today with plenty of exciting announcements.

Writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp will officially be taking over Green Lantern. That is some incredible talent. The story which I assume will be part of the main universe, will revolve around Hal Jordan being a space cop. The Green Lantern is due out in November.

It was also announced that writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Robson Rocha will be taking over Aquaman with a retelling of his origin story. No date released yet but I’d assume November or December considering the character will have a feature film out around that time.

Geoff Johns spoke about many of his upcoming projects during a panel. One of which is a Shazam! solo series finally coming out this November, with Dale Eaglesham on art duty.

We will FINALLY be getting the Three Jokers story from him as well. Geoff will be joined by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson, and will be released on the DC Black Label imprint for some weird reason. Luckily artist Fabok confirmed that it will be canon unlike every other issues that comes out on the imprint.

He also gave a few tidbits on his personal imprint The Killing Zone and Doomsday Clock:

Marc Silvestri’s long anticipated Batman project has been revealed and it’s a Joker teamup book! Batman/Joker: The Deadly Duo has no release date but we get to see its awesome cover.

For people looking forward to the young reader imprints DC Zoom and DC Ink, many titles and teams were announced today. You can read them over at THR, there are a lot to list including titles for Dick Grayson, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Justice League among many more.


An official trailer for the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was released. An exciting announcement for fellow Star Wars fans. The series will come out on the Disney streaming service called Disney Direct.

Marvel released a teaser trailer for the second season of Iron Fist which will feature Alice Eve as the villain Typhoid Mary.

The Arkham inspired(fight me) Spider-Man game released a new story trailer giving us our first glimpse of Silver Sable, as well as announcing a Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 that looks amazing.

Doctor Who dropped a new trailer for Series 11 and they’ve found a way to suck me back in. I’ve only missed one season but replacing the showrunner has done wonders for the show. It just has a different vibe to it. Digging the new Doctor as well.

Syfy released a trailer for George R. R. Martin’s horror movie Nightflyers.

The much anticipated trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been released too!

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