[RUMOUR CONTROL] Rocksteady and Harry Potter

Leaked video footage of the new Harry Potter game surfaced today and many people immediately jumped to a link between the English boarding school setting of Hogwarts and currently silent-running, London-based developer Rocksteady Studios. There appears to be no concrete link here and the footage, whilst in-keeping with the Potter world, doesn’t seem to indicate the same quality of world-building or gameplay that Rocksteady have delivered with the Batman Arkham games.

In fact, Eurogamer have done some solid digging around and seem to have settled upon the American Avalanche Studios as a potential developer for the yet-untitled Harry Potter adventure. The following statement, in particular, stands out:

Avalanche has been staffing up for a larger project for some time. MNC Jobs postings from early 2017 called for staff with a “deep understanding of British culture and grammatical presentation”, with a good knowledge of “gaming narrative and branching storytelling, particularly in the realm of RPGs”.

Check out the footage below.

Source: Eurogamer

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