NVIDIA Features of Batman: Arkham Knight

The Arkham games always look awesome on the PC due in large part to the fantastic technology development by NVIDIA.

Today, the graphics geniuses have released some information regarding several upcoming games, including Batman: Arkham Knight, and how new features will be implemented within them.

Batman: Arkham Knight will support Turbulence, Environmental PhysX, Volumetric Lights, FaceWorks and Rain Effects.

We’ve included the PC vs Console NVIDIA support comparison table, as well as the screenshot comparison images for the latest Far Cry and Assassins’ Creed below. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of how the different versions of the game will compare.

Whilst we’ve only included the B:AK card, DSO Gaming has the features graphic cards for the other games mentioned in the NVIDIA release on their site. Link below.

Source: DSO Gaming



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