Getting ‘What We Want’ from Batman: Arkham Knight

For those of you waiting for our big Arkham Knight review episode of the ArkhamCast (it’s coming, don’t worry), I’m going to let you know now that I loved the game. LOVED IT. That being said, there are some people, both in our community and the wider gaming community, who’re getting all bent out of shape about a few things here and there. The frustration levied at the PC port we can totally understand, but other things like how certain characters were utilised differently to how they are in the comics leave us scratching our heads somewhat.

Regardless of your stance on the game there has been a noticeable omission. What we don’t want to do is launch into an online petition. The guys and girls at Rocksteady are cool, understanding people and an online petition seems like the wrong approach. How we would rather approach the question of ‘What else do we want from Arkham Knight?’ is to make a few open suggestions and allow the community to either show support or apathy toward them. Rocksteady are listening to the fanbase and we firmly believe that the best way to reach out to them is through suggestion, rather than demand.

Challenge MapsChallenge Maps are what kept me playing both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City for so very long. Rocksteady are very well aware that we want these to make a return in their traditional four-round combat and three-medal predator forms, but I’d also like another mode. Dual Play. I’d love to have the option to choose which playable characters I could team up in a combat or predator situation. Robin & Red Hood. Nightwing & Azrael. Batgirl & Catwoman. There is SO much potential for not just hours, but SOLID DAYS of fun with this addition that I will honestly shed a tear if we don’t get dual-play challenge maps.

Story DLCOh, wait… We’re already confirmed to be getting story DLC that lets us play as Batman and his allies against new and returning villains. Bravo, Rocksteady for anticipating our request. Whilst we’re here though… Can we just ask for a mission for each of the three Robins (set during their time as Robin) that shows their different working relationship with Batman? Can we also make sure that we show fan support for Azrael and Catwoman to get their own Arkham Episodes? We can? Cool.

SkinsAs well as the bevy of skins suggested on our forums, we wanted to highlight just how cool some of these skins could be in the game.
Check out the gallery below for our top suggestions.

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