DCEU Update: The Batman

Time for another DC Extended Universe update, because we love Batman news no matter how small.(I also want a break between the comic posts)

There are only three stories here but I know there has been some talk about Jason Mamoa shooting in Iceland for unspecified reasons. Is it for Justice League? Is it for Game of Thrones? The latter is more likely but I thought I’d mention it.

In DCTV news, Executive Producer Allison Adler, gave a non-answer when asked about the Gotham City refrence in the recent Supergirl trailer. Which implies that we won’t be getting The Dark Knight on television anytime soon. Such a shame, I think Batman would work best on TV with all his rogues. And no I don’t count Gotham, neither should you.

The Batman gets an official WORKING title

Everyone on the Internet is goimg crazy over Ben Affleck revealing that the working title for his upcoming Batman film is, “The Batman.” People are taking it as an official title but he just said that’s what he is calling it right now, and that the title could change. I’m hoping they keep it because it is nice and simple, but unfortunately it’s not quite official yet. Just keep the silly subtitles away from this movie. I don’t want to see an announcment for, The Baman: Dawn of the Dark Knight v Planet of the Apes Begins.

“I think it is going to be called ‘The Batman’ … at least that’s what we are going with now,” Affleck told the Associated Press in a recent interview. “I might change it, I think that’s about it right now, that’s all I got.” 

Source: Variety

Ben Affleck on why he picked Deathstroke

I didn’t think this question ever needed to be ask. Why not have a total badass villain? Well, Ben seems to agree with that sentiment when he spoke with IGN:

“You know, it’s hard to say exactly what it is. I think the reaction spoke for itself. It just seems like a great counterpart to Batman. They’re similar in terms of skillsets, they’re similar in terms of tone, and he’s never been utilised in a movie before which is really, really exciting.” 

Source: CBM

J.K. Simmons on Commisioner Gordon’s look

Collider had a chance to talk with J.K. Simmons and asked him about achieving the comic-accurate look for James Gordon:

“And that’s what I wanted very much to do. As we sort of went back and forth with Zack and I and the wardrobe and hair and makeup and all those people, saying how we wanted the look to be, I think we all ended up being very much on the same page.”

He also spoke a little about his time on the Justice League set.

Source: Collider

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