[SOLVED] Calendar Man Reveals More In Batman: Arkham City [EASTER EGG]

BatmanArkham subreddit user juliangjour has posted an interesting teaser video that reveals that Calendar Man actually has much more to say than we previously thought.

We all know that the calendar next to his cell under the Solomon Wayne courthouse shows the twelve dates that contain the monologues that will unlock the ‘Storyteller’ trophy, but here we have the reveal that there are actually more (at least one) monologues from the date obsessed villain. Will they give us hints towards the plot of Arkham Knight?

JG Jour’s YouTube account is brand new (10th November 2014), has no other videos or content and his profile picture shows a calendar page reading ‘July 17′. I suspect that ‘JG Jour’ doesn’t actually exist and is a Rocksteady employee. ‘Jour’ is French for ‘day’.
Julian ‘G’ Jour = Julian Gregory Day = Calendar Man.
Well played Rocksteady, well played. This is an awesome way of letting us know about the final Easter Eggs.

Rocksteady’s Community Manager Gaz Deaves went on to comment:

Not completely true. There are some speeches that only play on specific dates. This is one of them; and as far as I’m aware it hasn’t been documented on the web yet.

Following the JG Jour profile picture clue, I hopped into Arkham City. Here’s the monologue from July 17th:

What could this mean? Is it just reference to the Feast Day of St Roch? I always thought that this holiday was an odd inclusion – perhaps that is itself a hint.

“Do you remember that wonderfully hellish August, Batman? Packs of mad dogs swarming the furnace-hot streets, savaging everyone in their path? One bite and humans were reduced to crazed animals themselves. Mmm. Good times. Though Crane provided me with the hydrophobia formula, I had the presence of mind to release the hounds on August 16th, the feast day of St. Roch, patron saint of dogs. An obscure date I know, but I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate “the dog days of summer.”

What is the significance of St Roch and the dogs? Is this a hint of an ongoing partnership between Scarecrow and Calendar Man? Are there other dates that Calendar man will speak on? All input is always welcome – engage Detective Mode and discuss on the FORUMS!


Yes, we used an image from our old website.


It’s worth noting that ‘JG Jour’ has two private videos. Perhaps they’re going to release the Easter Egg soon.

Our friends at BatmanArkhamVideos seem to have cracked this one. Well done guys!

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