3D Print Your Own Batman: Arkham Origins Batsuit

3D printing is going to be huge and we’re really just entering the first forays of what can be done with it outside of industrial applications. 3D printing your own Batman: Arkham Origins batsuit though, is perhaps the most nerdily awesome way of exploring how the internet and latest technology can be used to share a love of pop-culture and cosplay.

The design is a collaboration between Crimson Coscrafts, Gauntlet FX and Tundra Designs, from whom the print files can be obtained (links via sources at the bottom).

Steve Dee of Crimson Coscrafts talks a little about the design:

“The colours are not the standard issue Arkham Origins, as I wanted to go with the Dark Knight Skin you get at 100% completion. The suit is quite comfy to wear and movement is great. I can’t bend at the stomach but I didn’t expect that.”

“Tundra and Gauntlet had really thought about [the abs and obliques] and provided some squares of ribbed rubber to fit the pieces together, so I set to gluing these all up with some trust urethane glue with added gorilla glue.”






Source: 3D Print via ComicBook.com


Steve Dee of Crimson Coscrafts has been in touch with us to thank us for sharing the cosplay and to let us know that he’s recently rendered some Arkham Knight (Arkham Knight)and Deathstroke (Arkham Origins) armour. Check them out below!




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