ArkhamCast Episode 9: Public Enemy Number One

ArkhamCast Episode 9: Public Enemy Number One

Welcome to the ArkhamCast, the Official Podcast of, your hub for the latest news and best discussion from the Batman Arkham games.

This month we talk about Chris’ trip to London for a Rocksteady Studios tour, hands on with the game and the Arkham Knight panel at MCM Comic-Con.


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Hear the fantastic Nick Cortez as the voice of our Arkham Interludes! Hear him perform Joker, Hugo Strange, Mad Hatter and Calendar Man in this episode, then check out his YouTube channel here for more.

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  1. Um, Cyborg is supposed to be super intelligent. IQ of 170. He can interface with any tech. He is really strong. And the New 52 version gives him a connection to Darkseid, which would most certainly be Brainiac if Brainiac is the JL1 villain. Cyborg offers a lot.

  2. Why don’t you guys use a camera to record these Arkham Cast episodes? I think it would be way more engaging than just listening to you guys talk. Please put this into consideration. Thank you

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