ArkhamCast Episode 8: Red Hoods and Arkham Knights

ArkhamCast Episode 8: Collector’s Editions and Dates

Welcome to the ArkhamCast, the Official Podcast of, your hub for the latest news and best discussion from the Batman Arkham games.

As well as recapping the summer’s news from GamesCom and the Collector’s Edition announcements, we also look at some gameplay details from a Red Hood challenge map and hear some audio from the GamesCom and GameStop Expo demo video provided by long-time follower, Souhail.

Apologies for the dip in audio quality this month – our main records failed to transfer intact. We’ve had to use our backup record. The quality of the demo audio is due to recording on an omni-mic in a crowded conference hall – we’ve cleaned it up as well as we can.


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Hear the fantastic Nick Cortez as the voice of our Arkham Interludes! Hear him perform Joker, Hugo Strange, Mad Hatter and Calendar Man in this episode, then check out his YouTube channel here for more.

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3 Comments on ArkhamCast Episode 8: Red Hoods and Arkham Knights

  1. Terrence Yates // September 13, 2014 at 23:27 // Reply

    The Arkham Knights voice isn’t what I thought it would sound like but it’s ok

  2. In Australia an average game is $100 and the $125 collectors edition is $170.
    Where always getting ripped off

  3. And he still teleports from enemy to enemy, I hate that part, only crappy thing in arkham games.
    I love combo system I adore it,
    But I don’t like movement and telportation during combo, game looks childish and goofy because of that.

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