ArkhamCast Episode 12: Time To Go To War

ArkhamCast Episode 12: Time To Go To War

Welcome to the ArkhamCast, the Official Podcast of, your hub for the latest news and best discussion from the Batman Arkham games.

Whilst Elliott returns, Chris Clow is forced to dip out of this episode, but should return next time. In his place we have yet another Chris, a fellow Arkhamverse Forums Admin, CROD!

News Covered:
May 12 – Disruptor Gadget
May 14 – Wave 2 Action figures (Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, Gordon)
May 21 – ‘Be The Batman’ trailer
– Mark Hamill in UK
– DKR & BB skins (May 12th – 1st Appearance)
May 27 – PS4 Exclusives Trailer
May 28 – ‘Time To Go To War’ gameplay footage
May 29 – Online Previews Round-up

BREAKING AS WE UPLOAD THE PODCAST – [SPOILERS] Batman: Arkham Knight achievement list is here!

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