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    So, the movie is out…what does everybody think?

    I liked it very much to be honest.
    It had a nice tone and style, the characters all worked fantasticly together and had great chemistry.
    There were a lot of cool scenes, overall i really had fun watching it even in the german dubbed version. XD
    By now i have gone another two times to watch it, always with a full theater of people who reacted well to it.

    There is however the constant feeling of “it could have been more”.
    You feel the short runtime extremely, whoever decided that a justice league movie should be under 2 hours…should be fired right on the spot.
    The movie needed at least a half hour more for so many things.
    Also it looked like many scenes from the trailer were either not in the movie or were reshot…which most of the time didnt had a better result.

    Im pretty sure most of you have seen the chaos that is going on in the DC fandom since the movie is released so i thought we also could talk about this here.

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