DCTV: Official Titans Trailer

Warner Brothers has officially released a trailer for the upcoming Titans television series which is due out this fall on their new streaming service called DC Universe. The trailer features: Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Hawk and Dove in a darker/grittier take on the superhero team than most probably expected.

There has been mixed reactions online, but some eagle eyed fans have noticed that the trailer is a bit deceptive. In one scene it appears as if Dick Grayson is gunning down criminals, but on closer inspection he has the gun titled up away from the thugs. The neck stomp is more iffy, but I don’t believe Robin is muddling anyone. It’s odd that it’s presented that way to us.

Also, Robin’s line concerning Batman will probably become a T-shirt.

If you can’t see the trailer above then click here.

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