DCTV: First Look At Robin From Titans

Deadline has given us our first look at Brenton Thwaites as Robin from the upcoming Titans television show, which is due out in DC Comics yet to be launched streaming service.

Thwaites looks absolutely fantastic as the first Robin, Dick Grayson. The costume was designed by Laura Jean Shannon.

The character will be joined by Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy among others. Unfortunately, due to the film universe, we shouldn’t expect Cyborg to join the team or see Dick become Nightwing any time soon.

One complaint: Why is Dick Grayson using Tim Drake’s bo staff? I know it’s a geeky thing to get upset about, but it does bother me quite a bit. Other than that, this show does have a lot going for it and I’m excited.

Titans premieres sometime in 2018, and can’t come fast enough.

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    • Blackgate Thug

    I don´t like the hairstyle, but aside from that it is pretty good.

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    • Arkham Thug

    Doesnt look too bad.
    But i need the to see the whole style of the show to be sure about this.

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