Telltale Batman Mini from DC Comics Due Feb. ’18

Batman: Sins of the Father is a new digital-first (by 9 days – Digital Feb.12 / Print Feb.21) mini-series from DC Comics that will be set in the Batman mythos created by Telltale Games. Similar to the Batman Arkham tie-in comics of previous years, the print issues will collect two issues of the bi-weekly digital comics.

Set between The Enemy Within and Season One, Sins of the Father will explore Bruce’s attempt to rebuild the renown of Wayne Enterprises and the personal reputation of the family name, the nascent Batman’s fragile relationship with the GCPD and the introduction of a mysterious killer.

Writer, Christos Gage:

“I love the bold choices the Telltale Games folks made in their approach to Batman, by having Bruce Wayne discover his father was part of a criminal conspiracy. I’m excited to contribute to this world and I can’t wait for fans to see Raffaele bring the story to life. He is a great match to the visual style of the game, while adding his unique, hard-hitting take to it.”

Artist, Raffaele Ienco:

“I’m thrilled to be making my DC debut drawing such a high-profile character like Batman, as well as working alongside the fantastic Christos Gage and our editor, Jim Chadwick. I can’t wait to share what Gage and I have cooked up for the fans of this series.”

Telltale’s Gotham is certainly one steeped in interesting possibilities and with his previous work on Marvel’s Daredevil for Netflix, as well as comic credits that include X-Men, Spider-man and Buffy, Christos Gage could well deliver an exciting serving of Batman this Spring.

Let us know what you think below.

Source: DC Comics

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    Uh nice, if they can get the art style to look similar then it would be good.
    I like the universe they created with this series.

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