Injustice 2: The Atom, TMNT, And Enchantress Revealed

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Enchatress will be joining The Atom as the final three DLC characters for Injustice 2.

NetherRealm just dropped a late night treat for everyone with the trailer for the Fighter Pack 3 DLC that is coming to Injustice 2. The trailer shows Ray Palmer accidentally picking a fight with The Enchantress, only to be interrupted by the heroes in a shell.

Apparently all four ninja turtles will fit together, which should be an interesting gameplay mechanic.

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    Never would have guessed the Turtles to be part of this…nice.
    But im wondering if all 4 will be their own character or if they count as one character and switch constantly, that would be a nice and unique way to play with them.
    Atom i dont really care about, same as Enchantress to be honest…i was hoping for Constantine.

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    Not overly excited about TMNT. Never been a huge fan. I am excited about Enchantress though. Can’t wait to see her move set.

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      Wow! Big surprise and it looks like a blast!

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