The Definitive Real-Life Batman Arkham Batsuits

We all love a good home-made batsuit, but it feels like the talents of cosplayers have been improving exponentially over the last few years.

To celebrate Halloween, we’ve gathered some of our favourite real-world translations of the Batman Arkham batsuits.

Order66’s World Record breaker

This guy’s work on the Batman: Arkham Origins suit is just amazing. The record in question? The Most Functional Gadgets in a Cosplay Suit.

Those functional gadgets include:
– gauntlet mounted fireball shooter;
– multi-channel two-way radio;
– gauntlet video screen;
– respirator that fits into the cowl;
– a grapnel gun;
– smoke bombs;
– a magnetic bat-tracker;
– wrist-mounted gas dispenser;
– folding batarang;
– and a concealed throat microphone.

If all this isn’t enough for you, there’s an XE Suit in the works too.

Source: Order66Guinness World Records

Naythero Productions

Made through a combination of 3D printing, sanded car vinyl and fabric screen printing, this Arkham Knight batsuit is out of this world.

Source: Naythero ProductionsReplica IndustriesKraveN Cosplay

The Effects Lab’s Arkham City Suit
The Effects Lab forums suffered a cyberattack earlier this year, so they no longer have the original posts about this costume online, but you can read the content of those posts over at Comics Alliance.

Source: Comics Alliance.

Crimson Coscrafts

We first reported on the Arkham Origins batsuit back in 2015 and since then Steve Dee & Crimson Coscrafts have made some huge strides. We still love the batsuit, but check out that Red Hood!

Source: Crimson Coscrafts3D Print Your Own

UD Replica’s Motorcycle Armour

We’ve looked at this Arkham Knight armour before, but had to bring it up with regards to this topic. It’s just begging for a cape and cowl.

Source: UD Replicas

What are some of your favourite Batman Arkham cosplays?

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    Its always crazy to see what cosplayers are able to do…i have so much respect for their talent.

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