Keeping Up With Dark Nights: Metal Part 2

Dark Nights: Metal is one event that has lived up to the hype, so we at Arkhamverse will be keeping up with everything related to it. You should already be reading it!

So far, the tie-ins have been fantastic. The Gotham Resistance storyline has been more fun than expected, and the evil Dark Knights are some of the best you’ll read from any event.

Keeping Up With Dark Nights: Metal Part 1

The following issues take place after:

Dark Days: The Forge #1
Dark Days: The Casting #1
Dark Nights: Metal #1
Dark Nights: Metal #2 – Read review here
Teen Titans #12: Gotham Resistance PT. 1 – Read review here
Nightwing #29: Gotham Resistance PT. 2 – Read review here
Batman: The Red Death #1 – Read review here
Batman: The Murder Machine #1 – 2 – Read review here

Full Checklist Here


The Batman Who Laughs has unleashed chaos onto Earth 0 in the form of evil Batmen and powerful metal Joker cards that he has given to some of Batman’s greatest foes.

Origins for the Batman-fusions Red Death and Murder Machine were revealed, while Dick Grayson ponders the relevance of the Court of Owls and their metal weapons in Gotham Resistance. The resistance has already defeated a powered up Mr. Freeze and Riddler, but the Batman Who Laughs has sent his son, Dark Robin, to give them trouble.

Suicide Squad Dark NightsSuicide Squad #26 – Gotham Resistance PT. 3
Writer: Rob Williams, Art: Stjepan Sejic, Letters: Pat Brosseau

As the resistance escapes from the clutches of a powered up Poison Ivy that has lost her mind, they meet up with the corrupted remaining members of Teen Titans and Suicide Squad. Dark Robin, who is confirmed to be an evil Damian Wayne, attacks Nightwing. As the resistance retreats, Dick Grayson reveals his vision of Batman’s demise. Mister Terrific makes an appearance.

Rating: 10/10I loved this issue of Gotham Resistance. The banter between the characters was spot on, and the artwork was fantastic. I’ve read other comics by Stepan Sejic and this is probably my favorite work that he’s done. There was a lot of important plot going on and yet a decent amount of action. Poison Ivy fans may not be happy with this issue, but the Joker card power clearly took over her mind.

Green Arrow Dark NightsGreen Arrow #32 – Gotham Resistance Finale
Writer: Benjamin Percy, Joshua Williamson Art: Juan Ferreyra, Letters: Deron Bennett

Mister Terrific reveals that he’s been collecting the dark metal cards that the Batman Who Laughs has been giving out. Dark Robin and his father attempt to seduce Damian and Harley over to their side, only Harley falls for it and is quickly captured and placed on a machine that will send the earth into the Dark Multiverse. The remaining resistance including regroup thanks to Doctor Fate, with the knowledge that Nth metal hurts the Dark Knights.

Rating: 8/10I enjoyed this issue and Gotham Resistance overall quite a bit. Some beautiful artwork and a story that may just effect the main plot. The only problem was that the Nightwing subplot sort of lead nowhere. Harley being seduced by the Batman Who Laughs was both funny and frustrating. This issue packed a lot into a single finale, but it was fun. The art started rough for me, which was a surprise since I love Juan Ferreyra on Green Arrow. But he draws that evil Batman and Robin as good, if not better, than anyone else, and by the end I was was sold. I’ll chalk up any loose ends to those plot points being in future Metal issues.

Batman The DawnbreakerBatman: The Dawnbreaker #1
Writer: Sam Humphries, Art: Ethan Van Sciver, Colors: Jason Wright, Letters: Tom Napolitano

After the murder of his parents, a young Bruce Wayne is endowed with the power of a Green Lantern. His thirst for vengeance and strength of will corrupts the ring and he becomes the Daybreaker. The Batman Who Laughs gives him an ultimatum from Barbatos, join the Dark Knights or die on his earth. Doctor Fate makes another life saving appearance.

Rating: 7/10Whereas, the past two brilliant tie-ins felt like they had a story to tell, this one felt rushed through. This grimdark lantern Batman was interesting though. He’s probably the most corrupt of all the evil Dark Knights. Also, the art was phenomenal. This issue was truly a delight to look at.

Ok, so the Nightwing/Court of Owls thing didn’t go anywhere, yet. Considering Scott Snyder teased Court of Owls being involved with Metal in one of his past issues of Batman, there’s a good chance it gets brought up again.

Nth metal hurting the evil Batmen isn’t a huge surprise, but it’s interesting that they reveal it in a tie-in storyline. Makes me wonder how important Nightwing and Robin is to the main plot.

As for the machine that will send Earth 0 to the Dark Multiverse, it seems counterproductive. But I look forward to seeing where that part of the story goes.

Also, they’re already setting up the Terrifics. DC better hurry and form them because from what I hear, the Fantasic originals are already on their way back to Marvel Comics.

Though DC doesn’t have to worry about producing amazing comics because right now they are killing it.

Dark Nights Metal Checklist

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