Justice League Trailer Drops Sunday/New Character Posters

UPDATED: Empire Magazine cover added below.

With all the Justice League promotion coming out the past few days everyone knew we were getting a new trailer soon, and now we have a day. This Sunday, October 8, we will be getting a new trailer for Justice League.

Along with the announcment for the trailer, WB have released new character posters for every Justice League member, with the words “All In.” Each members logo can be seen at the top of every poster, including Superman. Which might mean we will be getting a poster of him on Sunday with the trailer.

I for one, hope they don’t show us the black Superman suit that has been teased for months. Save it for the movie Warner Bros!

Justice League Batman poster All In

The rest of the posters are on the Arkhamverse Twitter, if you can’t see the Tweet click here.

Somehow, I missed the release of this Empire Magazine cover from yesterday. Like I said, there’s a ton of promotion going on.

Empire Magazine Justice League cover new

On a somewhat related note: We ran a poll a few days ago and asked what would you like to change the label DCEU to, now that we found out that’s not what DC Films are called. Turns out people have taken a liking to the name, because the majority voted to keep it DCEU. And we will, at least until something more official comes along.

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