DC News Bulletin: NYCC ’17 Highlights, Doomsday Clock Panel, Justice League Images

DC News Bulletin collects all the news from the week that we either missed or didn’t think was fit for its own post. It features news from the DCEU, DCTV, DC Animated, and of course DC Comics.

NYCC may not be the most exciting convention but it’s always packed with good comic book stuff.

Below I mention the return of Milestone Media characters like Static Shock, Icon, Rocket, and Xombi. But it would feel wrong not to mention the lawsuit between Dwayne McDuffie’s widow and Milestone 2.0, which was reported on back in August by Variety. They never brought it up in the panel so it could still be something to keep an eye on.


Justice League Images:

First is a new poster for the upcoming Justice League movie, and below are some images of Time Square.


Justice League New Trailer Coming


NYCC 2017:

Theres so much comic news that I will have to bullet point this:

* Milestone characters including Static Shock, return with Earth M. Greg Pak is involved with a comic titled Duo based of Xombi.

* Grant Morrison is cowriting Sideways with Dan Didio. Grant Morrion is all that need be said DC, take my money.

* The Flash Annual will be titled “Flash War,” which will decide who the best speedster is.

* Rebirth label is being dropped from comic book covers this December.

* Dark Matter renamed New Age of DC Heroes. More here

* New Age of DC Heroes will bring titles Immortal Men, Curse of Brimstone, and The Unexpected.

Geoff Johns talks Doomsday Clock:

So one of the big events to happen at NYCC was the Geoff Johns Doomsday Clock panel, which you can watch on the DC Facebook.

He basically said that this Watchmen story takes place during 1992. A year that he says is important to the DC Universe, possibly having to do with the Death of Superman storyline. With that said, the only required reading is Watchmen.

He also gave us our first look at Rorschach in the upcoming Watchmen/DC Universe crossover. Sites should stop calling it a spoiler because DC released it themselves and it’s a freaking crossover, of course he was going to show up, continuity be damned.


Batman Ninja anime:

DC announced a direct to video anime featuring Batman in Japan during the Middle Ages. You had me at Batman anime!

Batman Ninja Anime Poster

Constantine Animated Series:

DC announced a Constantine animated series for CW Seed based off the live action show. Matt Ryan will reprise the role.

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