Rumor: WB Wants Leonardo DiCaprio As Joker And More

UPDATE: The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez, who is more right about things than people care to admit, chimed in on the report below and said it it isn’t true.

WB reportedly wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play Joker in the upcoming origin movie, Jared Leto is unhappy with there being multiple Jokers, and the Batfleck saga won’t end.

THR is reporting that sources tell them, Warner Brothers is interested in using Martin Scorsese to woo Leonardo DiCaprio onto the Joker origin movie that’s in the works. There’s been no offer for Leo to play the Joker put on the table yet. But director Todd Philips would want Leo or another A-list actor on board. I wouldn’t even need sources to tell you that much.

The report going on to mention Jared Leto’s displeasure over the news of there possibly being multiple Jokers, and I wouldn’t blame them. Leo’s age suggests that it’s less of a Year One Joker story and more of an Elseworlds. That really would be undercutting Leto. THR then goes on to talk about Matt Reeves Batman film being a standalone movie that will not star Ben Affleck. The Joker origin and Batman movie would be under a new label that separates them from the main universe.

Look, I actually think the reporters behind this story are good at their job and have been reliable. Kim Masters and Borys Kit on their own have covered the DCEU before and have gotten things right, so them working together has my attention. I don’t think them or the rest of the media are trying to sabotage the DC films. They just think the certain news stories are very popular and wil get clicks. You can blame them for knowing what you like to read, but the conspiracy theories and assumptions that there are malevolent reasons behind this story would just be silly.

With that said, I don’t understand why this paticular site continues to run the same story about Ben Affleck. As stated above, I get that it’s popular to report on. But certainly there’s someone at THR throwing their hands up and saying, I think they got it guys. Whether Ben remains Batman or not doesn’t even matter anymore, most of us are ready for something to finally happen. Either his departure announcement or the start of production on The Batman.

If there’s smoke, there’s fire, but we’ve seen nothing but smoke for months now. It’s frustrating.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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