Keeping Up With Dark Nights: Metal Part 1

As someone who has been very critical of big crossover events, I have to admit I’m getting a big kick out of Dark Nights: Metal so far. It’s a crazy multiverse story that reads like an epic-fantasy.

Because I’m so enthralled by the action, I’ll continue to review and keep track of everything Dark Nights related here, including tie-ins. These series of reviews can also double as a checklist or reading order for those you wanting to catch-up.

These issues take place after:

Dark Days: The Forge #1
Dark Days: The Casting #1
Dark Nights: Metal #1
Dark Nights: Metal #2 –
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We’ve been introduced to the concept of the Dark Multiverse, a place where the nightmares become reality. Also, there are different metals that contain mysterious origins and powers, one of which is Hawkman’s Nth metal.

Batman investigates the mysteries behind the Dark Multiverse, which he seems to be at the center of. After Challengers Mountain appears Bruce triggers exactly what he was trying to stop. Evil Batmen of the Dark Multiverse reveal themselves, sent by the bat god Barbatos, and lead by the Batman Who Laughs; A twisted cross between Batman and Joker. Things don’t look good for the Trinity.

Teen Titans #12 ReviewTeen Titans #12 – Gotham Resistance PT.1
Writer: Benjamin Percy, Art: Mirka Andolfo, Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr, Letters: Corey Breen

The Batman Who Laughs makes his move and gives some of Batman’s greatest foes a metal Joker card that has the power to unleash each villains desires. Damian Wayne aka Robin, is in search of his father, who has gone missing along with Wonder Woman and Superman. On his solo journey through Riddler’s Labyrinth, he meets up with Green Arrow, Harley, and Killer Croc. Though Riddler is defeated, Dark Robin is revealed.

Rating: 8/10It ends so abruptly but the character voices were spot on and the art was great. The colors in particular were used beautifully for such a dark setting.

Nightwing #29 Gotham Resistence ReviewNightwing #29 Gotham Resistance PT.2
Writer: Tim Seeley, Art: Paul Pelletier, Ink: Andrew Henessey, Colors: Adriano Lucas, Letters: A Larger World’s Dave and Troy

Robin, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, and Killer Croc run into Nightwing who is being chased by a frost giant created by the now powered up Mr. Freeze. Nightwing tracks down a mysterious metal that ties into past storylines including the Court of Owls. The remaining Teen Titans and Suicide Squad members join forces, only to succumb to the powerful Dark Robin.

Rating: 9/10The hints of a larger purpose for Nightwing that includes him being a force against Batman is something I hope gets brought up in the main series. This was a lot of fun.

Batman The Red Death #1 ReviewBatman The Red Death #1
Writer: Joshua Williamson, Art: Carmine Di Giamdomenico, Colors: Ivan Plascencia, Letters: Tom Napolitano

Earth 52 is dying, and the earths Batman is desperately trying to harness The Flash’s powers to protect Gotham. The broken Bruce Wayne accomplishes his goal and creates a mix of himself and Barry Allen. The Batman Who Laughs shows up to recruit this unhinged fusion known as The Red Death. A man of two minds desperately trying to protect Gotham City at all cost. Earth Prime Flash and The Red Death have a confrontation, but Doctor Fate intervenes.

Rating: 9/10This felt more like an awesome elseworld graphic novel than a tie-in. This Batman has clearly lost everything and is now to broken to be fixed.

These tie-ins are some of the best I’ve ever read. On the level of the Flashpoint side stories, which were amazing. If you have not read the Flashpoint Batman: Batman Knight of Vengeance series which featured Thomas Wayne as Batman, pleas do yourself a favor and do so now. Also pick on these Dark Nights books because so far their pretty great too.

The Batman Who Laughs is as messed up as advertised, and surprisingly powerful. His son Dark Robin looks like a chip off the old block too. These are good enough that I hope some aspects of the story carry over to the main series, at least a little.

I tried to be somewhat vague on spoilers but I can cut them out completely if you like. I hope to do more of these periodically, was it helpful? Let us know on our Arkhamverse social media accounts.

Dark Nights Metal Checklist

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