DCEU: Jared Leto Talks Joker Origin/Suicide Squad 2 Finds Director

UPDATE: According to THR’s Borys Kit, Warner Brothers has tapped Gavin O’Connor(Warrior,The Accountant) to direct Suicide Squad 2.

As for Jared Leto who is rumored to be taking part in Suicide Squad 2, he seems confused by the whole two Joker thing. Batman-News found video of Jared Leto at a Destiny 2 launch event, being asked about the Joker Origin movie that has been reported on.

Leto said he was confused about that news, but expressed his love for the Joker. He didn’t come off angry at all, which is something that had been rumored. He was very professional and even said he was excited to see what they were going to do.

Joker in Suicide Squad received mixed reactions from audiences, but it’s a shame what’s going on with the character. If both the Joker origin film and Harley Quinn spinoff happens, there will be two Jokers. And like it or not, but people are going to compare the two and pick a favorite. It puts Jared Leto in an unenviable position after being short changed in his first movie.

All this toruble over an origin film nobody was asking for.

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