DCTV: Next Crossover Is Crisis on Earth-X

The CW has announced the next DCTV crossover event and it’s called “Crisis on Earth-X.” The crossover will include all four DC shows: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. The four part event kicks off on Novermber 27th.

The poster, which was drawn by comic book veteran Phil Jimenez, was released on DC’s website and Twitter. It has the DCTV heroes facing off with what appears to be their evil(Nazi?) counterparts.

In the comics, Earth-X is an alternate universe where Germany won World War II. The story features a group of heroes called the Freedom Fighters. That all seems a little dark, even for Arrow. So they’re definitely going to change things around.

All the DCTV crossovers, where they don’t sing, have been a lot of fun to watch. So this is exciting news!

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