DCEU: New Batman Image/Shazam Frontrunners

A new image of Ben Affleck as Batman from the upcoming Justice League movie has hit the net. It’s nothing special but I’m sure we are going to get bombarded with amazing Batman pictures once the marketing for the film hits overdrive.

Batfleck JL

Also hitting the net is the rumored shortlist for SHAZAM! According to ThatHashtagShow, Joshua Sasse(Galavant) and John Cena(*theme music starts to play*) are both in the running to play the title character. I don”t know the first actor but I do know that Cena can act.

Also, according to the site there was a third actor in the running for Shazam but they fell out of favor. I’m not familiar with the website that is reporting this rumor, but other sites seem to have some level of trust with them. Either way, take all rumors with a grain of salt.

I am excited to see this film which will be helmed by Annabelle: Creation director David F. Sanberg. Now, If only they’d call the character by his real name, Captain Marvel.


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