DC News Bulletin: Justice League VR, Heath Ledger Joker Clip, BTAS Anniversary and more

DC News Bulletin collects all the news from the week that we either missed or didn’t think was fit for its own post. It features news from the DCEU, DCTV, DC Animated, and of course DC Comics.

Kind of a slow news week compared to last, so we didn’t really miss much. Over on our community Twitter @Arkhamverse_Com people sent in their top 5 Batman: The Animated Series episodes for the 25th anniversary.

Also if you haven’t noticed yet, we will be doing comic book reviews again. I plan to review the DCTV shows as well and of course any movies. Eventually we might ask for a few volunteers to do some as well.


Justice League VR: WB has announced Justice League VR, which is now available on mobile devices. There will also be a Vive version that will be shown off at NYCC. And hit IMAX VR Centres in November when the movie is out.

Justice League VR Experience


Heath Ledger Joker Clip: Here’s a clip for the upcoming documentary I Am Heath Ledger. I could probably watch this a million times and never get bored. Still the best Joker on film and now we finally get to hear some details about how things were behind the scenes. It hits select theaters May 3rd.

New Justice League Logo: Batman-News noticed that Warner Bros. had updated the Justice League Logo.


Doomsday Clock Panel: DC Comics has announced a Doomsday Clock panel at New York Comic Con on Friday, October 6, at 6:00 pm ET. The upcoming event will see the DC Universe clash with Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

Doomsday Clock Panel

DC Covers: BleedingCool collected a couple of the covers for DC Comics coming out in October. They feature this amazing Batman cover by Olivier Coipel and a cover for Batman The Devastator.

Batman October Cover

Batman: Writer Tom King shared an image of Batman and Catwoman from the Batman Annual #2. The art is by Lee Weeks. A while back King revealed that we would be getting Catwoman’s answer to Bruce’s marriage proposal soon. Not sure which issue that will be in but I’d be shocked if she says yes, which is why kinda I’m hoping she does.

Weeks also shared some more of his work in progress.

White Knight: Gordan Murphy tweeted out that a pdf of his upcoming comic Batman: White Knight has been sent to retailers. I can’t wait for this!



Titans: Deadline is reporting that Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly have signed on to play Hawk and Dove in Titans. There’s talk of a possible spinoff with them that doesn’t excite me. But who knows, maybe this new show can do something cool with them.

Arrow: Liam Hall has been cast as Deathstroke’s son, which does get me pumped. The more Deathstroke is involved the better.

Gotham: A new trailer featuring Batbaby was released. There’s also a Batbaby poster that I would bother posting.


BTAS: It was the 25th Anniversary for the greatest Cartoon ever made, Batman: The Animated Series. To celebrate, 13thDemension spoke with artist Kevin Nowlan who released original designs for BTAS characters.


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