DC News Bulletin: Joss Whedon Credit, Wonder Woman Clip, DCTV Previews, and more

DC News Bulletin collects all the news from the week that we either missed or didn’t think was fit for its own post. It features news from the DCEU, DCTV, DC Animated, and of course DC Comics.

Welcome to the new addition of Arkhamverse! A while back we asked if you guys wanted non-Batman news on the website. To our surprise, many of you did want this, but not all. So here is a nice little compromise. A weekly article that collects anything we missed from DC Entertainment. It was originally going to be just the DC films but why not everything?

A lot of Joss Whedon news and sneak peeks this week.


Joss Whedon Controls The Universe: In a press release Warner Brothers gave Joss Whedon writing credit for Justice League. There’s been much discussion over whether or not he would get directing credit along with Zack Snyder, which isn’t a thing normally allowed by the union. So this seems like meeting everyone halfway. It may also be a sign at how much Whedon has actually worked on Justice League.

Sticking to Whedon, Variety reports that Batgirl wasn’t in WB’s plans till the Avengers director confessed his love for the character. He is expected to write and direct the upcoming Batgirl solo film. He’s been having a rough go of it online(Google it), but I am looking forward to this movie.

Justice League image: Another image with Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash has been released.

JL promo image wbf

Wonder Woman: WB has released a BluRay bonus epilogue to Wonder Woman that ties into Justice League. It features Etta Candy.

Also ET spoke with director Patty Jenkins about the sequel and she referred to The character as being “Full-blown Wonder Woman.” That’s cool and all but I just want some Cheetah, don’t be afraid to use her WB!

Justice League Dark Info: According to Deadline, WB have hired Gerard Johnstone(Housebound) to polish off the script. There is still no director attached, it’s almost like this movie’s director position is cursed. Someone call Constantine!

Suicide Squad 2: According to Variety’s Justin Kroll, Suicide Squad 2 won’t begin production until 2018. You can blame it on him being the Genie in Aladdin, but remember he’s literally the only good thing about that film. Disney needs him more than us, we must sacrifice.

Justice League Character Banners: Warner Brothers released five character banners for each member of the Justice League. These were the photos that made up that excellent Alex Ross inspired poster. The high-res versions can be found at HDWallpapers.

Batman Justice League Poster Shot

DC Comics

Black Canary EP 2: A while back DC Comics released a Black Canary EP inspired by the character’s comic book series where she becomes a singer. The actual person performing on the songs was Michelle Bensimon, who is returning for a second EP to celebrate Black Canary’s 70th Anniversary.


Batman sneak peeks: Two different Batman-related comics are being teased at the same time. The first is Enrico Marini’s Batman: The Dark Prince Charming, Nd the second is Sean Murphy’s Batman: White Knight. The latter features the Joker turning over a new leaf.

Trailer for Dark Prince Charming

Cover for Batman: White Knight

Also on Twitter, Murphy revealed that he originally wanted to call his seven issue mini-series Joker: White Knight, but DC didn’t want to have Batfans looking in the “J” section of their comic shops.


Gotham shows off BatBaby: If you want to die inside a little, check out the new trailer for Gotham. Little Bruce Wayne sports an ugly vigilante getup. Here

ArrowVerse Preview: A look at all the upcoming seasons for the CW DCTV shows in one trailer. I was just blown away by the fact that Legends is still a show.

The Flash Previews: A look at the upcoming season which features tidbits on villain, The Thinker. Give me more than one episode of Wally-Flash damn you! Here and Here

Arrow Preview: A look at the next season. This show has to earn my trust back, last season was a start. Here

Supergirl Preview: Clips and tidbits for the upcoming season for the Girl of Steel. *Insert witty but harmless shipper joke* Here

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Trailer: No seriously, it still exists. Look! Here

DC Misc.

Justice League Mortal: Jay Baruchel can’t get over the fact that someone once cast him in a Justice League movie. He continues to drop tidbits throughout the years for the now defunct Justice League: Mortal film that was going to be directed by George Miller(Mad Max Fury Road). Recently on an MTV podcast he revealed that Maxwell Lord was going to control Superman and he would fight Wonder Woman, and would go on to break her wrists.

DC Animated

Gotham by Gaslight: A sneak peak of the the next DC Animated movie Gotham by Gaslight was released on the Batman & Harley BluRay.

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