Martin Scorsese And Todd Philips To Produce Joker Origin Movie

Deadline is reporting that Warner Brothers are set to launch a series of spinoff films that will help expand the canon of the DCEU. According to the report an origin movie for The Joker will be the first movie under the banner. It will be written by Scott Silver(8 Mile) and Todd Philips(The Hangover), who will produce the film along with Martin Scorsese.

Of the movie’s tone Deadline says:

“The intention is to make a gritty and grounded hard-boiled crime film set in early-’80s Gotham City that isn’t meant to feel like a DC movie as much as one of Scorsese’s films from that era, like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull or The King Of Comedy.”

A while back I wrote an article for another site that received a lot of negativity, where I asked if the DCEU should throw away canon. Something similar to how Fox has been running their X-Men universe, where they don’t care about the canon or which actor is playing a certain character. This would have freed them up from the restraints of actors contracts and put the focus on telling good stories. This news seems a lot like that along with Star Wars’ spinoff banner. We will get offshoot movies with different actors playing the iconic character, but the difference is it still will be canon. Maybe the banner will be titled “Year One,” that’s the feeling I get from the news anyway.

Though Jared Leto won’t be the Joker in this origin story he is still set to return in the Suicide Squad sequel and the Harley Quinn spinoff. There are two people playing the Flash so a second Joker shouldn’t bother anyone. And it should be exciting to see who they cast as the young clown prince of crime.

Fans have preferred that Joker’s origin remain a mystery, but I never agreed. He doesn’t need to be so untouchable if you have good storytellers to bring him to life. The tone of the film sounds incredibly interesting especially if they borrow elements from Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. A controversial graphic novel that tells the story of Jokers origin as failed comedian turned criminal. Where he becomes the Red Hood in order to provide for his wife and future child. Though it’s surprising that there is no mention of this story at all in the report, which could mean that we will be getting something completely original.

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