Harley Quinn Debuts In Batman: The Enemy Within ‘The Pact’

Telltale Games has given us our first glimpse of Harley Quinn in the next installment of Batman: The Enemy Within. Harley will be making her Telltale debut in episode two titled “The Pact,” which is due out September 26.

The news was posted on the Telltale Games Twitter account. As of right now there is still no word on who is set to voice Harley in this series. If they stick to their pattern, then it will be someone new and not the obvious choice, Tara Strong.

Batman: The Enemy Within has the Dark Knight unraveling mysteries left behind by The Riddler and John Doe. In the last episode Batman was investigating Dr. Harleen Quinzel who has clearly already been influenced by the Joker.

Keep checking back for updates on this game and all things Batman!

Harley Quinn Batman Telltale

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