DC Comics: Jump On The Dark Nights Metal Bandwagon

Dark Nights: Metal eventLet’s be honest here, big comic book events have outstayed their welcome. What once was a special and rare chance to see our favorite characters interact with each other, has now become a formulaic burden that happens every few months. The promises of epic status quo changing storylines always seem to fall short. Which is what makes Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder’s Dark Nights: Metal event feel so different. It’s hard to imagine this event NOT having a major effect on the DC Universe.

Dark Nights: Metal has an epic fantasy vibe to it as the story follows Batman investigating the mysteries surrounding Hawkman’s Nth metal and the dark matter multiverse. A new layer to the DC multiverse that allows anything that can be dreamed up come into reality. A chaotic event where all signs point to Batman as being the catalyst. So far there are a ton of great cameos that actually impact the plot, and already some changes to canon.

Maybe this won’t be the life changing event it promises to be but at least it has been entertaining. Something I can’t always say about recent events from any of the major comic book publisher. With changes to the universe and new spinoff books launching after the event, this may be worth your time. So here is some information to help you jump on he bandwagon.

DC has released the full checklist for the even which you can see here:

Dark Nights Metal Checklist

Dark Days: The Forge, Dark Days: The Casting, and Dark Nights: Metal #1 which features art by Greg Capullo, have already been released. As with every event you could probably just stick to the six Dark Nights issues and probably be alright.

Some of the more exciting tie-ins are the seven evil Batmen that come from the Dark Multiverse:

Dark Nights: Metal Tie-Ins

Batman The Red Death by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico

Batman The Murder Machine by Frank Tieri and Ricardo Federici

Batman The Dawnbreaker by Sam Humphries and Ethan Van Sciver

Batman The Drowned by Dan Abnett and Philip Tan

Batman The Merciless by Peter J. Tomasi and Francis Manapul

Batman The Devastator by TBA

The Batman Who Laughs by TBA

The last one being the most hyped up dark knight. A Joker/Batman mix that is accompanied by what appears to be his army of Robin slaves. Reminds me a little of Rick and Morty.

The batman who laughs pageThe batman who laughs cover baw

Expect to see reviews for this event eventually. Either as it goes along or one review for the whole event. If you jump aboard the metal train make sure to let us k ow what you think on the Arkhamverse social media accounts!

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