Telltale Batman Sequel Possibly On The Way

On the Arkhamverse Twitter we were discussing how the wait for the next Batman related game announcement has been brutal. Coming off of Injustice 2, there is know telling what will come next, but a rating website may have just given us a big hint.

If the information that the NeoGAF forums found is correct, we could be seeing a sequel to Telltale’s Batman series soon. A New Zealand labeling website called features the rating for a season pass of a game titled “Batman: The Enemy Within.” Given the success of the first game, and the fact that Batman sells very well, it would make sense for Telltale pump out another game based on the Dark Knight.

That sounds all great, unfortunately this is far from confirmed, it might not be real at all. I’m not really familiar with the source website, so I can’t be certain. Also, outside of a few hints, nothing clearly states that this is a Telltale game. For now we must take this with a grain of salt, like all those Rocksteady rumors that have been floating around.

There is a big event happening in San Diego next week, sure would be nice of Warner Brothers to drop some stuff for us gamers.

Source: Gameinformer


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