SDCC ’17 Highlights: Upgraded Batmobile And Toys Unveiled

Much like last year, we will post the highlights from San Diego Comic Con each day. It will have DC Comics stuff, and other news that we think you might enjoy as well. It will be collected into one big post at the end of the day to avoid spam, but any big trailers or news that drops during the week will obviously get its own post.

Even though SDCC had yet to officially start, social media has already given us our first glimpse of the convention floor.

Upgraded Batmobile

Warner Brothers has the upgraded Batmobile that will be featured in the upcoming Justice League movie, in display. I’m still not use to Batman needing so many guns on his car, but I’m sure parademons won’t be taken down by small batarangs.

Also included are pictures of the new Batmobile toy by Matell. My favorite picture of it is the one that has a toy Aquaman on it. Just like the trailer.

Justice League Displays

Here are two pictures I found on Twitter that were pretty cool. The first features the Justice League’s costumes, and the second is a Motherbox.

Thanks to Fandango, aaroncouch, benkendrick, and aqeelhawaj_dc for the pictures and videos.

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