SDCC ’17 Highlights Part 4: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Flashpoint, Ben Affleck Reaffirms, DCTV

First off, the Justice League panel stole the show so if you want to read up on everything Warner Brothers showed off: Click Here

Anyway, Even Marvel’s hoarding of trailers couldn’t put a damper on this fantastic day. There were plenty of excellent trailers for fans to enjoy from their homes. This is what San Diego Comic Con should be about.

Tomorrow will more than likely be a slow day so I don’t expect to post another update. Which means I should thank you all now for stopping by Arkhamverse for your SDCC 2017 recaps. It’s always fun doing these and it was great talking to you on social media. Remember to keep checking back for all your Batman and DCEU related needs.

Ben Affleck Reaffirms His Position, AGAIN

During the Justice League H Hall presentation, Ben Affleck talked about how much he wants to work with Matt Reeves. Yet reporters were still trying to twist it like he might not want to be Batman anymore. They argued that he didn’t say enough to prove he wanted to come back.

Well, after the presentation Ben Affleck spoke with Entertainment Weekly to squash these rumors even further by stating “I’d love to do it as long as they’ll have me.”

Surely that will be enough, right?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Flashpoint

Both the actor and actress that played Bruce Wayne’s parents in Batman v Superman star in the show The Walking Dead. People have continued to ask for them to reprise their roles in a Flashpoint movie, myself included:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan never opposed the idea but it didn’t seem likely. Turns out a few hours after the Flashpoint film was announced, JDM tweeted a picture of both of them from The Walking Dead panel and added a Flashpoint hashtag. The tweet is probably for fun or a message to Warner Brothers that he’s interested in playing Flashpoint Batman. It is nice to see an actor listen to his fans as much as JDM.

Justice League Panel

Here are some pictures and videos from the Justice League panel that were tweeted out by Warner Brothers.


Arrow Comic Con 2017 Trailer

The Flash Comic Con 2017 Trailer

Supergirl Comic Con 2017 Trailer

Legends of Tomorrow Comic Con 2017 Trailer

Non-DC News:

Marvel hordes their trailers

Trailers for both Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther were both released to standing ovations in the H Hall. Unfortunately for us normies, we were deemed unworthy of seeing both of them. But we did get an amazing Thor Ragnorak trailer and Michelle Pfeiffer was cast as Janet Van Dyne in Antman and The Wasp.

Thor Ragnorak Trailer

Captain Marvel and Skrulls

Marvel revealed concept art for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. It will be set in the 90s and will have the Skrulls for the first time in a Marvel movie.

Ready Player One Trailer

Stranger Things 2 Trailer

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