SDCC ’17 Highlights Part 3: Batfleck No More?, Batgirl Starts 2018, DC Animation And Comic News

Today seemed more hectic than yesterday, but there is much less news. Less but more impactful I guess. I try to follow as many Disney and Marvel accounts as possible but it feels like Warner Brothers is dominating San Diego Comic Con International so far. This on the eve of the big announcement day on Saturday. FIGHT NIGHT! Anyway let’s get to the news.

WB may be ushering Ben Affleck out of the DCEU

Let’s address the Bat-elephant in the room first before moving on to happier and more concrete news. THR is reporting that WB is planning on ways to usher him out. The report cites his age, but past stories have mentioned Ben Affleck’s desire to move on from playing Batman.

This rumor never dies and gets brought up every now and then. I didn’t think the report was worth its own post, at least not until there is some kind of confirmation. Obviously I think Ben Affleck is a fantastic Batman and rather he stay but I’ve also grown tired of these rumors.

The reporter that broke this story is Kim Masters, and she does have a DCEU scoop under her belt with the Suicide Squad trailer editing fiasco. But until I see something more concrete I’ll take it with a grain of salt. Still, tomorrow’s Justice League panel should be interesting.

Batgirl Production To Start Next Year

Looks like something slipped through the cracks when we collected this news. Over on IGN Live Geoff Johns revealed in an interview that Joss Whedon will start working on Batgirl in 2018. Which would leave the movie room to fit into 2019 which is currently empty, or snatch up one of the recently announced 2020 dates.

Geoff Johns interview starts at 52:00

No Black Adam in Shazam

Geoff Johns revealed that Dwayne Johnson will not be taking part in the upcoming Shazam movie. Leaving Black Adam to appear in his rumored solo film or possibly a Man of Steel sequel. Something Dawyne and Henry Cavill have been asking for.

Young Justice Character Designs

We got our first look at the upcoming season of Young Justice. There is another time skip and the group shot features Static Shock(yes his name is just Static)and Spoiler. The show will be released in the new DC Comics streaming service called DC Direct.

DC Animated Movie Announcements

In exciting news, DC Animation named their four next films. Headlining the list is the two-part Superman story: Death of Superman and Reign of Superman. They’ve done a movie centered around his death before with Superman Doomsday, but it lacked everything that made the comic interesting. These two films look to change that.

The first film after Batman/Harley Quinn will be the elseworld story Gotham by Gaslight, followed by Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay.

DC Comics Announcements

DC Comics revealed a ton of information on their huge event books Metal and Dark Matter. We got our first look at the Dark Batmen that will be the villains of the event:

Dark Batmen Metal

The event is going to be huge and you can find transcripts of the panel on any comic site.

Also announced that I found interesting was:

– The Terrfics by Jeff Lemire and Ivan Reis: Mr. Terrific, Plastic Man, Metamorpho, and Phantom Girl team up in a Fantastic Four style comic.

– Jeff Lemire will also be doing a Hawkman one-shot called Hawkman found.

– Catwoman will give her answer to Batman’s proposal in Batman #32.

Non-DC News:

The Defenders Trailer

Along with the awesome trailer they showed attendees the first episode of Defenders and footage from Punisher.

Marvel Comics

Marvel announced that Mark Waid will be taking over the main Captain America comic books soon. Pretty much ruining that Cap will no longer be Hydra at the end of Secret Empire. But that was obvious.

Star Wars Books

New tie-in books got announced for The Last Jedi, as well as a comic book adaption of the popular Thrawn novel

The Walking Dead Trailer

New trailer released for The Walking Deas, I don’t like it. Still love the show and look forward to the season.

Game Of Thrones Trailer

HBO released a Weeks Ahead trailer for GoT

Spawn Movie Announced

Todd McFarlane announced he will be working with indie darling Blumhouse to bring fans a new Spawn movie. It will be written and directed by the Spawn creator, and will be rated R.

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