SDCC ’17 Highlights Part 2: Justice League Image, Shazam Confirmed, And Comic News

Apparently, those poor souls at San Diego Comic Con didn’t have much to do today. I weep for them, I truly do. As for us normies, we got a nice mix of trailers and comic book news to hold us over till Saturday(DCEU and MCU day).

Justice League Images

First up, we have two Justice League pictures released today. The first onn features Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Flash. The second one features only The Flash.

Justice League Wonder Woman The Flash Batman

Justice League The flash promo

Shazam Director Confirmed

THR kicked off the morning by reporting that Lights Out director David F. Sandberg will be at the helm of Shazam. They also said that New Line/WB project is aiming for a 2019 release and that Shazam will shoot early next year, which was first reported on by Umberto.

Though the dates can’t be confirmed, David F. Sandberg took to Twitter to confirm his involvement.

Dark Matter Comic Book Event

DC Comics is in the midst of an event called Dark Matter. It starts with a series of comics and will go on to launch new titles with brand new characters. In a surprising announcement DC said every book with cost $2.99 and will not have a single variant. Variants are Marvel’s bread and butter right now so perhaps they’re trying to differentiate themselves but that’s amazing.

Doomsday Clock

We got our first look to the follow up of DC Rebirth that will feature the Watchmen characters. Geoff Johns announced that Doomsday Clock will be 12 issues long and will take place in the future. This way the DC Universe can catch up when it’s done. Sounds like it’s going to be impactful to the canon.

Grant Morrison Returns With Two Blockbuster Titles

As a huge Grant Morrison fan, this was the highlight of the day for me. Grant Morrison came out to announce two sequels. The first is Arkham Asylum 2 which will feature Damian Wayne as Batman because it’s set in the period of Batman 666. The second is Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol.2, which will have Diana going up against Nazis.

Colored pages curtesy of Nathan Fairbairn

In Non-DC News:

Rick’s Fate In The Walking Dead

This is less of a spoiler and more of a threat, but The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, announced that Rick Grimes won’t make it all the way through the comic series.

Marvel’s Defenders Trailer With Punisher

A cool new Defenders teaser narrated by Stan Lee and featuring The Punisher.

Inhumans Trailer 2

An Inhumans trailer that isn’t completely horrible. Still not good though.

Bright Trailer

Check out David Ayer’s new movie Bright. It feels a lot like Suicide Squad, in all the best ways.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I don’t know anything about this franchise but I know people my age love it.

The R est of the videos will just be links:

Pacific Rim: Uprising Teaser

Voltron Season 3 Trailer

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling

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