DC Digital Service To Launch ‘Titans’ And New ‘Young Justice’

Since Netflix became a household name, almost every studio has taken a shot at launching their own streaming service. CBS All Access being the most comprehensive attempt, until now. Deadline is reporting that Warner Brothers will be launching a new DC Digital Service, that will be headed by a live action “Titans” series, and the new season of “Young Justice“.

The Titans show will feature: Nightwing, Raven, and Starfire among others. It will be written by Akiva Goldsman(A Beautiful Mind, Batman Forever), and produced by the DCTV masterminds Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns. A Titans show was originally thought to be coming to TNT but it never happened. The odd thing about the announcement is the fact that Dick Grayson will now be part of a TV series and his own film, yet they won’t be connected. Considering the fact that DCTV has refused to even mention the existence of Batman, perhaps they will go a different route for his TV origin.

Also joining the DC Digital Service will be the animated fan-favorite series, Young Justice. The new season will be titled Young Justice: Outsiders, and will be lead by the same creative force as the previous two seasons.

“In the new season, the team faces its greatest challenge as it takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy.”

The service is set to debut in 2018 and is an exciting new format for WB and DC Comics to play with. Still no word on what other content will be featured, outside of the two new shows.

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