The Batman Is Being Rewritten From Scratch?

Batman fans seem to take yesterday’s news of The Batman’s delayed production in stride. No need for anyone to get upset about Warner Brothers taking their time anyway. Now, with SlashFilm reporting of a complete rewrite, one has to wonder if the Internet can be as calm and collected as they were yesterday.

Jacob Hall of SlashFilm is reporting:

“According to sources close to the production, the screenplay for The Batman is being rewritten from the ground up, so it’s entirely possible that everything we’ve heard about the film’s story will no longer be in play.”

Originally Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns worked on the screenplay. A script that featured Deathstroke as the main villain. Then Batman v Superman writer Chris Terrio was brought in to work on it, a story which broke after Ben Affleck stepped down as director. If this new report is true then everything is being tossed out, even the villain. This would allow Matt Reeves to truly make his own Batman movie, which is exciting.

SlashFilm didn’t say who would be rewriting the script, one would hope that Ben Affleck would still be involved.

I’m not familiar with Jacob Hall so I’m not sure just how reliable he is as a reporter, but everything does make sense. A new director leading to a new script does sound about right. It is sad that we might never see what Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns created, but with the reports of a Nightwing solo film, it does appear that Warner Brothers has a plan.

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