Suicide Squad Wins An Oscar, Online Critics Whine About It

On a day when people were suppose to celebrate film and it’s talent, a few professional and amateur critics used the 89th annual Academy Awards to pile on Suicide Squad one more time. The divisive yet still very popular and financially successful movie won the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

Alessandro Bertolazzi, Giorgio Gregorini, and Christopher Nelson were all recognized by the Academy. This of course could not be overlooked by the films many online critics. According to some, enjoying Suicide Squad means you have awful taste in movies, so for an awards show to actually celebrate the crews hardwork in anyway must be film-sacrilege.

Twitter blew up for a while. Some compared the beautiful and otherworldly aliens from the latest Star Trek movie which was also nominated, to Harley Quinn’s jester makeup. Replies to one tweet mock the artist’s work by saying the makeup looked like “bad cosplay”, ignoring the hardwork of tweaking a characters look so that it pays homage to the comic books while adapting them to the real world and ignoring the intricate details of Croc and El Diablo’s makeup. Speaking of cosplay, the characters looks were so original and beloved it inspired many cosplayers to dress up as their favorite character well before the movie actually released.

There is no doubt that the Star Trek stuff is magnificent, but to degrade artists and spew more hatred toward a film you simply didn’t enjoy is pathetic. It might still be one of the bigger stories from last night if not for the biggest flub in Oscar history, when musical La La Land was called up on stage as winner for the Best Picture category even though Moonlight had actually won. The revelation that they had called up the wrong winners was hard to watch.

Who knows how bad DCEU fans would be getting it if not for the flub, but we can rest easy knowing Suicide Squad achieved: the love and admiration of many DC Comic fans, a fantastic $745.6 million worldwide at the box office, and now an Academy Award. Not bad for a movie filled with bad cosplayers huh?

I wasn’t even the films biggest fan, but you can’t help but root Suicide Squad on, as it refuses to fail inspite of all the hate.

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