Mel Gibson In Early Talks To Direct Suicide Squad 2

In a bit of weird news that no one expected: The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Warner Brothers and Mel Gibson are in early talks for him to direct the sequel to Suicide Squad. No offer or comintment has apparently been made.

THR sources say: “Gibson is familiarizing himself with the material. But the studio is not being passive and is also looking at other directors, Daniel Espinosa among them.”

Looking closely at the prospect of it, Mel Gibson joining the DCEU makes a lot of sense. Warner Brothers who is looking to replace Githam City Sirens director David Ayer, is desperate to inject some credibility into their DC movie universe after three financially successful but critically panned films. Gibson is desperate to get back into the public eye with a bigger film after doing smaller, but Oscar nominated, indie films.

The man is looked at as one of the best filmmakers in the industry but not every studio is ringing his phone, which brings us to the two major problems with this story:

  1. Mel Gibson hates comic book movies. In two separate interviews he has said that Marvel movies are “more violent than anything that I’ve done,” and he called Batman v Superman a piece of s**t.
  2. He’s sort of a bigot who said some horrific things a couple years ago. Things I sure as hell won’t be including in this article but if you were living under a rock or too young back then, just trust me, it was bad. Not a lot of people have forgiven him yet.

So, from the looks of things both the studio and the director would get exactly what they crave. They would just need to sellout their principles to get it.

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