Is WB Going To Announce A New Arkham Batman Game?

Fans of the Arkham video games were thrown into a frenzy yesterday when IGN’s French Twitter account posted an image promoting an upcoming announcment by Warner Brothers. The image features the words “Save the date,” along a WB logo and the date March 8, 2017.

Should Batman fans get hyped, or should people settle down and not jump to conclusions? Let’s take a look:

  1. With Rocksteady moving on it does make sense that WB Games Montreal would be taking over the Arkhamverse. So the studio making the announcment adds up.
  2. The WB logo in the image does share a similar color scheme to the Batman: Arkham Origins logo, a game which was done by WB Games Montreal.
  3. Talk of a Damian Wayne lead Batman Beyond game has been rumored to be in the works at WB Games Montreal for months, along with a Suicide Squad game. – per Metro
  4. The French IGN account dismissed two separate replies that suggested the announcment could be for Injustice 2 or Shadow of Mordor. But has yet to dismiss those suggesting an Arkham game.

Common sense tells us that anything Batman makes a lot of money, so we should expect a new game featuring the character eventually. Whether the Batman Beyond rumors are true remains to be seen. As for this teaser image, it’s probably a little too early to get excited. The announcment could very well be a Batman game, but the font and the two logos sharing somewhat similar color schemes seems a little too hopeful.

But it is plausible, so if an announcment is indeed on the way then you can be sure that the Arkhamverse team here, will be all over it.

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