Flashpoint Batman Thomas Wayne Returns To DC Comics

While Arkhamverse takes a little vacation from reviewing Batman comic books(too busy), some exciting news from the DC Universe dropped two days ago. Flashpoint Batman, Thomas Wayne  and Reverse Flash are set to return in a crossover event between The Flash and Batman.

The crossover takes place in issues Batman #21-22 and The Flash #21-22 in April and according to a tweet by Batman writer Tom King, Geoff Johns did the plot. A gif featuring the two alternate covers for Batman was released revealing the news, and artist Jason Fabok posted the covers.

I’ll add a little background at the bottom for those unfamiliar with the character or storyline. There will be SPOILERS that hopefully get you to go back and read Flashpoint and Rebirth if you haven’t already, or at least check out this awesome alternate version of Batman.

At the end of the big Rebirth one shot it is revealed that the person behind the New 52 was Doctor Manhattan from Alan Moore’s The Watchmen. So that means the omnipotent Manhattan was the cause for the aftermath of Flashpoint and not Pandora like previously thought. Flashpoint was an alternate timeline created by The Flash when he went back in time to save his mother. The Flash TV show did its own version of this at the start of the season.

In the comics things were much different in the new timeline, including Bruce Wayne being shot as a child instead of his parents. His father Thomas Wayne becomes Batman, and Martha “why did you say that name” Wayne becomes The Joker. The Flashpoint mini was excellent but so was the Batman Knight of Vengence tie in that features the Joker. The end of Flashpoint ends with the creation of the New 52 universe and a touching moment where Bruce gets a letter from his father. That letter comes back into play in Rebirth when the original Wally West returns. Learning of a bigger force being at play, Bruce examines his father’s letter and discovers a Watchmen happy face pin.

Now, a few months into Rebirth we are getting a big Batman/Flash crossover that deals with this storyline. Thomas Wayne and Reverse Flash will be making their return in the crossover. One could only hope that he gets to meet his son.

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