Ben Affleck Talks About The Batman Movie On Kimmel

After a month of making worrisome comments, Ben Affleck has confirmed that he will indeed direct and star in the next Batman movie. Affleck was a guest on the late night show Jimmy Kimmel a few nights ago to promote his new movie Live By Night, where he jokingly voiced his frustration on people constantly needing to know when the next Batman movie was being made.

During the press tour for Live By Night Affleck was bombarded with questions on the next Batman movie. By the end of the tour his quotes gave the impression that he wasn’t happy with the script and it wasn’t set that he would even direct the film. Which is why Kimmel felt the need to have him confirm it.

Whether his press tour comments was him having a little fun by bat-trolling the media for not asking about his movie, or if it was a warning shot to Warner Brothers to not backseat drive, I think we can all breathe a little easier after seeing this video.

On a separate but related note: We ran poll on the Arkhamverse_com Twitter account and asked what people would like to read about while we waited for news on the next Batman game. DCEU news crushed so expect more of that, also comic book reviews will become a monthly thing.

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