Batman Comic Reviews: Detective Comics #936, Nightwing Rebirth #1

The new Nightwing series finally kicks off, while Detective Comics rolls on. Much to everyone’s surprise Tec, has had the strongest start of all the Batman titles. Also, it looks like we will be getting at least two Batman related titles every week from here on out. Not that I’m complaining.

Spoilers Ahead

DC 936Detective Comics  #936

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Alvaro Martinez
Ink: Raul Fernandez
Colors/Letters: Brad Anderson, Marilyn Patrizio

With so many characters starring in a single comic book, you had to wonder who the story would focus on the most. Batman is the obvious choice, but so far it has been Batwoman’s book. So it shouldn’t come as a big surprise as to who the main antagonist was revealed to be.

Batman was defeated and captured by The Colony which is lead by Kate Kane’s father, Jacob. Though they are inspired by the Dark Knight, they need him out of the way to fight a foe that Batman has overlooked.

This is the Batman family comic book a lot of us have been waiting for. Batwoman may be second guessing herself at times but she shines in this issue. There was a few great character moments with Red Robin, Spoiler, Orphan, and Clayface too. The reveal wasn’t too shocking but that’s because there were hints at who was behind The Colony. There’s a lot to enjoy and a lot they can play with, in terms of story and characters. The art was all around great, even with someone new at pencils. Batwoman exposition and The Colony not being a total surprise, did leave this comic feeling a little short.

Rating: 8/10  A  joy to read, but this issue was missing the fast paced excitement that the previous issues had. We’ve been spoiled.


Nightwing Rebirth 1Nightwing Rebirth #1

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Yanick Paqutte
Colors/Letters: Nathan Fairbairn, Carlos Mangual

Dick Grayson starts to get his life in order, now that he has his secret identity back. As Agent 37 he says his goodbyes and retrieves a device from Midnighter that will help take out a bomb that was implanted into Damian Wayne’s head. The group responsible for the bomb is the Parliment of Owls, a group of former Court of Owls members that were lead by Lincoln March. They hope to sway Nightwing to become their leader.

So Damian Wayne CAN come out in the other Batman books. Good to see at least one writer who likes him as much as I do. Tim Seeley has spoken about Dick and Damian’s brotherly relationship in the past. In this issue, there was a checklist of things that needed to happen to set up the return of the Nightwing persona. Every check was marked, and it was a blast to read which I’m sure was difficult. That was a lot of info to dump on us but it was just as fun as any Grayson issue. A series you should check out if you haven’t had the pleasure. Yanick Paqutte’s Art is phenomenal, I really hope he sticks around for more issues of Nightwing. Him and Nathan Fairbairn are Batman all-stars from Grant Morrison’s run. A run I think Tim Seeley is a big fan of, which would explain why I love Tim’s stuff.

Im pretty sure at the end of this issue, Lincoln March was killed off by a Talon who will lead the Parliament of Owls to Grayson. If they are the bad guys in the first Nightwing arc then we are in for a treat. I love the Court of Owls stuff. You’d also have to expect the series to have more Dick and Damian brotherly bonding, which was the highlight of this issue. Nightwing is back and better than ever.

Rating: 10/10  The pre-order numbers for this issue were huge, and I think every single person who bought it will be left satisfied. Also, not to trash anyone, but it’s nice to Bruce Wayne acknowledge he has a son named Damian Wayne for once. Not sure if it’s personal preference of the current group of writers or if there is a Court of Owls level of conspiracy for Damian not showing up more. Tim Seeley is the chosen one, the breaker of Bat chains. The Batleesi.

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