Batman Comic Reviews: Batman #2 Justice League Rebirth #1

Every week, I will be reviewing the new comics coming out of the DC Universe Rebirth relaunch. The reviews will be split up into two posts: One for Batman related comics and another for the rest of the universe. My goal is to try at least one issue of every Rebirth title.

I’m not a fan of rating something in a review but since these will be a little shorter than I’m use to they might be helpful. If you don’t like the rating let me know, also if you want longer reviews then comment below or let me know in the forum.

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Batman 2 Cover

Batman #2

Writer: Tom King
Artist: David Finch
Ink/Color/Letters: Matt Banning, Danny Miki, Jordie Bellaire, John Workman

Batman though weary of newcomers, seems to have accepted the fact that there are two random super powered heroes helping out in Gotham City. The dark knight might just be willing to take Gotham and Gotham Girl under his wing. A man walks into the precinct and stabs himself in front of Commissioner Gordon, telling him that the Monster Men are coming.

This was a blast to read and exactly what I was expecting from Tom King who I think is a brilliant writer. Batman was dealing with metas, Alfred turned his sass up to 11, and there was plenty of mystery. We are only a few issues in and I love what I’m seeing from the new creative team. After a bit of what felt like a slow start, this issue truly hit the mark. As a David Finch fanboy, I obviously loved the art. The colorist is using a lot of brown which I’m digging, it’s a nice contrast from the Capullo run. Gives Batman a fresh look. The Monster Men seem to be joining the fray way sooner than expected. The big three series crossover was only just announced.

Rating: 10/10 I felt like I was watching the beginning of a Batman: The Animated Series episode.


Justice League Rebirth 1 CoverJustice League Rebirth #1

Writer/Artist: Bryan Hitch
Ink: Daniel Henrious, Scott Hanna
Color/Letters: Alex Sinclair, Richard Starkings, Comicraft

A gigantic alien called the Reaper attacked earth by sending out small parasitic creatures from its body that would latch to a humans face. Justice League now down a Superman and Green Lantern are struggling to stop the harvest. Luckily the pre-52 Superman and the two new Green Lanterns showed up to help defeat the creature by going inside of it.

Much like the other Rebirth one shots, this issue did well setting up the upcoming series. We didn’t need much reasoning behind the Justice League working together, but we did need to see something and his issue accomplished that. I enjoy the way Bryan Hitch writes big events for the league, they always seem grand in scope compared to the solo books. His art always gives a classic feel to the characters which is always welcomed. Only thing that bothered me a little was Clark and Lois listening in to the horrific attack on TV while having a casual conversation, but it makes sense because at the time Clark still wasn’t sure he’d take up a spot on the Justice League.

Rating: 7/10 Did the dirty work of setting up the series, but was also a lot of fun.

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