Batman: The Killing Joke – Sneak Peek

This early look at the animated adaptation of The Killing Joke gives us a hint of what we can expect.

An interesting detail that crops up in the video (see below) is that the movie features an extended prologue that allows us to follow the exploits of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl before the tragic events of the story.

One big disappointment, for me, is the animation style. They claim that they’ve shot for Kevin Nowlan’s art style as Brian Bolland’s art from the original graphic novel is too difficult to animate, but I still feel like they’ve fallen short. There are many shots from the preview where you can clearly see the care and attention that the animators have put in, but by the same token there are others that just don’t look as good.

Mark Hamill always kills it as Joker though (pun intended).

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A Sneak Peak at Batman – The Killing Joke by hpootpfan

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