Two DC Comics Games Coming From WB Games Montreal

Way back before Arkham Origins was announced, we suggested that there may be two Arkham games in production. Now that Arkham Knight is almost done and dusted (the final DLC comes out in January), we’re about to suggest something similar.

WB Games Montreal have been steadily recruiting for months. The buzz around their recruitment drive has been that they’re working on a DC Comics property. Now, their website has revealed that they are in fact working on two AAA games based on DC Comics properties.

We are currently recruiting!
We are a growing studio with two AAA projects in development focused on expanding the DC Comics universe in the interactive space.

With the recent statement from Warner Bros, it’s safe to say that one of these is Batman, and with the amount of money spent on the development of Arkham Knight, I think it’d be safe to wager that an Arkham game that utilises Knight‘s engine and is set between Origins and Asylum could be on the cards.

Could the other be the long-rumoured Suicide Squad game ready to tie-in to August’s movie release?

Check out this awesome recruitment video that lays the DC Comics projects on pretty thick.

Source: WB Games Montreal

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