[COMPETITION OPEN] Survive to Win Batman: Arkham Knight!

All of our previous ‘Win a copy of Batman: Arkham’ game competitions have forced you to use your brain, but for Arkham Knight we really wanted you to ‘Be the Batman’.

Thus, we have concocted a challenge that Batman may actually face during one of his battles to save Gotham City. You will need to think like Batman to get him out of this situation alive.

Batman has been thrown into an airtight cell by the Arkham Knight!

He has two tools that will cut through the six inch thick metal walls of the cell. Batman needs to cut through to reach fresh air before he suffocates.

The explosive gel blasts through the metal at a rate of 3cm/blast, but burns oxygen at a rate of 112,000 cc/blast.
It takes 28 seconds to spray, arm and detonate an explosive gel blast.

The Blowtorch cuts the metal at a rate of 1cm/minute, but burns oxygen at a rate of 37.06 litres/minute.

Batman takes up a space of 0.094 m3 and has reduced his breathing to consume oxygen at a rate of 5 litres/minute.

Which tool should batman use to escape?
Please explain your answer as fully as possible. we will accept photos of your working out.

You will need to submit your entries via our Facebook page. Simply ‘Like’ the page and send us a private message containing the following details:
-your answer,
-your name,
-your address,
-your date of birth,
-your preferred format (PS4, XB1 or PC).

By sending these details through, you will hopefully speed up the process of send out your prize, should you win!

You have two weeks (which is much longer than Batman’s current oxygen supply) to submit your answers before we close the competition.

Good luck!

Right click here to download the Hi-Res version of the Competition Image or click the image above for the full view. We highly recommend that you download the hi-res version though. It may make things more clear.


Terms & Conditions:

Deadline: 23:59 BST 21/06/2015
To enter:
Send us a private message on our Facebook page with your answer, your name, address, date of birth & preferred format (PS4, XB1 or PC).
We may ask for proof of age before shipping.
We will only accept your first answer.
The winners will be drawn from a pool of correct answers.
Prize will ship ASAP once we’ve been in communication with the winner.

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