Four Returning Characters Confirmed Via Batman Arkham Knight Website

Rocksteady Studios are experts in hiding clues to their games in plain sight, but this time we’ve cracked the code before the code has escaped! Similar to the ‘Gotham Is Mine’ trailer codes, it appears that the new Arkham Knight trailer was to reveal allies of the Batman (the trailer is called ‘All Who Follow You’’).

We can officially add Catwoman, Azreal, Nightwing and Robin to the list of returning characters in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Members of our forum very, very quickly worked out the codes for the new Persons of Interest character bios on the official B:AK website shortly after the teaser for the new trailer went live.

Check them out below.




Forum topic for DISCUSSON & SOURCE.

Type the passwords in here to see for yourselves: BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT OFFICIAL SITE

#1 – ‘flying graysons’
Nightwing - Arkham Knight

#2 – ‘bostaff’
Robin - Arkham Knight

#3 – ‘parkrow’
Catwoman - Arkham Knight

#4 – ‘suit of sorrows’
Azreal - Arkham Knight

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