Warner Bros. announces Batman: Arkham Underworld for iOS

WB Games announces Batman: Arkham Underworld for iOS, developed by Turbine, Inc., the developer of Infinite Crisis, among other MMORPGs. It’s unconfirmed if this will directly tie in with Arkham Knight, but it is set in the Arkhamverse. Sign-up for the Arkham Underworld beta is available on arkhamunderworld.com.

Are you ready to rule Gotham? Become the city’s next criminal kingpin as you fight your way to the top in Batman: Arkham Underworld.

Build your hideout, then recruit and train an army of henchmen to do your bidding. Command iconic super-villains from the Batman: Arkham universe, including the Riddler, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and others. Grow your criminal empire and then crush your enemies to earn loot and respect.

Defend your turf from other ambitious masterminds, private security forces, and even the G.C.P.D.

Build a big enough empire? Maybe you’ll be ready to take on Batman himself.

Are you hoping that this game will be better than previous Arkham mobile games?



SOURCE: Eurogamer.net

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